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Visionary property developer, Nigel Tame believes that architecture is intrinsically informed by people and place. Olivewood Lifestyle Residential Estate is a tranquil, well-managed, safe and secure, high-tech, eco-friendly community. Offering a unique opportunity for a cosmopolitan lifestyle in harmony with nature.

  • 35+ Years Building Experience

    Our 35 years experience will guarantee the best design & development

  • No Transfer Duty

    Pay no transfer duty when purchasing your new home

  • Custom Quality Build

    We offer a personalised service that will exceed your expectations

Home Designs

Type A Detail
Type A - Single Storey
Ground floor: 211m2
Type E1 Detail
Type E1 - Double Storey
Ground floor: 178m2 & First floor: 115m2
Type E2 Detail
Type E2 - Double Storey
Ground floor: 184m2 & First floor: 115m2
Type F Detail
Type F - Double Storey
Ground floor: 148m2 & First floor: 150m2
Type G Detail
Type G - Double Storey
Ground floor: 159m2 & First floor:149m2
Type I Detail
Type I - Double Storey
Ground floor: 174m2 & First floor:147m2
Type M Detail
Type M - Double Storey
Ground floor: 139m2 & First floor: 109m2
Type M1 Detail
Type M1 - Double Storey
Ground floor: 139m2 & First floor: 109m2
Type M2 Detail
Type M2 - Double Storey
Ground floor: 133m2 & First floor: 98m2
Type M3 Detail
Type M3 - Double Storey
Ground floor: 133m2 & First floor: 119m2


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Stella Gillingham

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